Morkies for sale, lUBBOCK, tEXAS

Morkies known as "designer" dogs are the cross between Yorkshire Terriers and Maltese.  These adorable dogs are the best of both breeds! Morkies are very unique with lively personalities and very smart. Morkies are a perfect mix; sweet, yet sassy and so much fun to have around.  Morkies come in a verity colors, consisting of blue and gold, blonde, sometimes white and the beautiful parti color they originated in the US.

 I've been raising Morkies since 2006 and I just love this breed . They get along with other dogs and love kids. Morkies are very devoted to their family if your looking for a easy to train smart, family loving pet, then a Morkie are perfect for you!

We have morkies for Sale.


morkies for sale

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